Team Building Strategies

By Cassie Augustine Jones, Vice President, O’Brien Advertising and CWCC Member Advertising agencies are notorious for work silos and divided teams. Folks that work in a typical agency environment often hear the cringe-worthy words, “account service vs creative,” “take it up with the creative director,” or “fight that battle with the media team.” There are a lot of […]

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5 Steps to Setting Marketing Goals that Deliver Results

By Debbie Josendale, President, 3C Marketing Group and CWCC Member Are you getting ready for 2014 and trying to figure out how to set marketing goals that deliver results?  If so consider this easy approach. A marketing promotion and editorial calendar (marketing calendar) is a simple but powerful way to turn your marketing plans into action […]

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Ready, Steady, Goal

By Morag Barrett, Founder and CEO, SkyeTeam and CWCC Member It’s that time of year again where our focus shifts to what we want to achieve, or be different in 2014.  It is “New Year’s Resolution” making season – not to be confused with “New Year’s Resolution Breaking” season which doesn’t officially start until January 2nd. […]

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5 Steps for Goal-Setting Success

By Aimee Cohen, Owner, Success Coaching for Women and CWCC Member Now is the time to reflect on the past year and start planning for next year…out with the old and in with the New Year. The New Year is all about starting off with a clean slate, building new dreams, and establishing new goals. […]

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New Year Successful You

By Lori Hanson, Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach, Stress, Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Learn2Balance and CWCC Member It’s that time of year. The month when time flies by so fast with so many additional events, parties and things on the To Do List you don’t even know how you got through it. That means the New Year is […]

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