Who should write a blog?

By Debra Zimmer, The Expert Marketing Coach and CWCC Member Anyone can write a blog. Some people write blogs for personal reasons, some write about their hobbies. I focus on how to use a blog as a tool to grow your business.  To be an effective blog writer and to get the most return on […]

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Why Video Belongs in Your Blog

By Naomi Binkley, Co-Founder, Fireside Production and CWCC Member   Blogging is a powerful tool for business and non-profit marketing.  It’s a cost-effective approach to engage your clients, customers, prospects and supporters and an effective way to deliver information.  A blog allows people to get to know your organization and increases its exposure in the […]

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How to Automate the Marketing of Your Blog

By Debra Zimmer, The Expert Marketing Coach and CWCC Member Do you automate the marketing of your blog posts? Here’s what I’ve done. My blog posts are relevant to small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to market their business better. As such, I have them automatically posted to places that small business owners can […]

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Blogs We Love

We here at the CWCC take every opportunity to promote our diverse and talented members.  Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to read many of our members’ brilliant, informative blogs, and now we’d like to share some of our top picks with you. Without further ado, here are our current favorites in no particular […]

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Blogging for Business: Working Day and Night for You

By Debbie Josendale, President of 3C Marketing Group, LLc and CWCC Member Your blog is a powerful marketing hub that increases your visibility, attracts search traffic, connects social media to your web site, and starts virtual conversations, 24x7x365.  Blogs offer the flexibility to achieve diverse business goals such as:  becoming the go-to expert, positioning with thought […]

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