Just Who Do You Think You Are?

By Lisa Berquist, Founder and President, Embrace the Leader Within and CWCC Member Have you ever had an idea, a dream, or a sudden burst of confidence to try something new, only to be reeled in by your internal voice that says, “Who do you think you are”?  All of a sudden we find ourselves […]

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Success Journeys

By Katie B. Smith, Executive & Career Coach, Katie B. Smith & Associates, LLC “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Ben Sweetland To journey is to travel from one place to another—in our lives and our work. It can be challenging to stay present, and mindful while growing our businesses, our teams, our relationships […]

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A Coaching Client Success Story

By Kami Guildner, President Syzygy Consulting & Coaching and CWCC Member The Client: Brenda, Seasoned Sales, Marketing and Brand Manager for an automotive company The Circumstance. Brenda had a successful 16 year career overseeing Sales, Marketing and Customer Service for an automobile brand throughout the State of Colorado.  Her passion for customer experience was pivotal […]

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Faith in Your Business Epiphany

By Tommi Wolfe, The Startup Expert and CWCC Member I was watching TV on a lazy Sunday morning recently, and caught the tail end of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, just as Mastin Kipp told the story of the small 8′  x 8′ room representing the size of his faith. And then it hit me. The […]

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Who should write a blog?

By Debra Zimmer, The Expert Marketing Coach and CWCC Member Anyone can write a blog. Some people write blogs for personal reasons, some write about their hobbies. I focus on how to use a blog as a tool to grow your business.  To be an effective blog writer and to get the most return on […]

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