How to Streamline your Social Media with an Editorial Calendar

By Diana Cordova, Social Media and Content Marketing Consultant Editorial calendars are often used in different facets of marketing, and social media is no exception. Once you’ve identified your goals (make sales, attract new customers, build relationships, gain visibility, attract volunteers etc.), your target audience and overall strategy, you can build an editorial calendar that […]

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Four Tips For an Effective Social Media Strategy

By Debra Zimmer, The Expert Marketing Coach and CWCC Member Back when social media first hit the Internet, hardly anyone thought of it as a tool to help build business and increase customer sales.  It was used primarily for social interaction and connecting with friends from your past. These days, this platform is extremely powerful […]

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How Does Your Company’s Brand Measure up?

By Diana Cordova, Social Media and Content Marketing Consultant The job of your company’s brand is to get recognition.  That means your target audience is clear about your value proposition and knows your company when they see it.  Consistency drives this recognition. To build consistency, all marketing platforms and material carry the same general look […]

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Branding: An Inward-Outward Point of View

By Debbie Josendale, President of 3C Marketing Group, LLc and CWCC Member Recently, a client called me in a panic.  Hardly able to breathe, she said, “How am I going to compete?  My competitors seem to be Doctors, and I only have my MSW.  What am I going to do…I have to make a living?” If […]

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The Loneliest Part of Your Brand

By Lori Dubois, Marketing and Branding Expert and CWCC Member You’ve done your homework and carefully built your brand. You agonized over the right name and tagline for your business, invested the effort and money to develop a unique logo that represents you well, and clearly and narrowly defined your purpose and how you differ […]

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