To Increase Clients, Consider Four Different Kinds of Customers

By Joni Inman, ActionCOACH Business Coach with ActionCOACH Team Empowerment, and CWCC Member If you want to increase clients and get more business, you need to think about four different kinds of customers. There are four different kinds of customers in every business. The first customer is you, the business owner. You are actually the […]

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Top 10 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid for Your Company Website

By Allison Kramer, Principal, Sweet Buzz Media and CWCC Member Poor web design can prevent you from communicating your message to your prospective clients.  As a web designer, I am conscious of the fact that your website is the single most important online brand message.  This is your opportunity to present your services and products […]

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Entrepreneurs: Is Your Business Brand the Same as Your Personal Brand?

By Lori Dubois, Marketing and Branding Expert and CWCC Member When starting a small business, there is so much of “you” in the business it is sometimes hard to tell where you end and the business begins. This can serve you well—it’s easier to get (and stay) excited about a vision that you created and […]

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Your Brand VS Brand X – How to Differentiate

By Emilie Downs, Owner, Imago Visual and CWCC Member If you are competing on price, it means your customers can’t tell the difference between you and Brand X. If clients are asking you to discount, it means they are making their purchasing decision based solely on price. You don’t want that. Why? Because it means […]

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Thriving in the Wake of the Great Recession: Part 3 – What is Possible

By Debra Zimmer, The Expert Marketing Coach and CWCC Member This is the 3rd part of a 3 part series blog, that began with The Challenges Ahead and A Way Through, on companies emerging from a brutal recession that the Harvard Business Review tagged as beginning in 2007.  Many businesses have failed, were acquired, or […]

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