Planning Against the Odds

By Katherine M. Kellen, Wealth Advisor, Wells Fargo Private Bank and CWCC Member While many of us engage in wealth planning to create a financial roadmap or estate plan, far fewer of us review it after it is signed. We simply file it or put it on a shelf. Yet life never sits on a […]

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Why Confidence is the Key During Transitions

By Lisa Berquist, Founder and President, Embrace the Leader Within and CWCC Member Our entire life is a transition.  We go from birth, to childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood.  So why do we think that once we reach adulthood we would be done with change?  As we all know, change is constant and either we […]

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Sequinox: The Art and Science of Transition Management

By Deb Siverson, CPCC, PCC, WBE | President Xponents, and CWCC Member I found the coolest word ever, fresh from a recent catalog I got in the mail from the company that I order Myers Briggs Assessments from.  The word is sequinox, and it means the inexorable sequence of transformation from one season to another.  […]

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Planning Your Next Chapter

By Kami Guildner, President Syzygy Consulting & Coaching and CWCC Member Recall the moments of 2012 that rocked your world.  Take stock in the gifts of life that brought meaning this past year.  And give gratitude.  Consider what you want to carry forward into 2013 and beyond.  What do you want more of?  What would […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Navigating a Job Search During the Holidays is the Best Gift

By Aimee Cohen, Owner, Cohen Career Consulting and CWCC Member Despite the high unemployment rate, negative media and political messages, and overall doom and gloom about the job market, the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is a successful job search.  During this time of year, it’s common to think of everyone […]

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