Finding Guidance in Chaos

By Katie B. Smith, Executive Coach and CWCC Member We typically associate the word chaos with disorder and confusion.  However, if we choose to look at chaos differently, we can also find guidance speaking to us through the confusion. Author Caroline Myss speaks of chaos as a way that heaven tries to reach us; that […]

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Get Your Energy for Life Back by Breaking Up With Clients

By Coach Joni Inman, ActionCOACH Business Coaching and CWCC Member Have you ever been in a relationship, either personal or professional, that has left you feeling totally exhausted? Everyone has someone like this in their life. Have you ever been in a purchasing situation and the person selling you something zapped your energy? Once you […]

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Career Reinvention: Where to Start?

By Katie B. Smith, Executive Coach and CWCC Member According to recent Accenture research, fewer than 43% of women are satisfied with their jobs – but 70% plan to stick with it.  Where do you fall in this mix? With so much change in our economy, many are reevaluating and reinventing their careers and life […]

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Video – a Method to the Madness

By Lori Dubois, Marketing and Branding Expert and CWCC Member There is no doubt that video is big. Who hasn’t watched a YouTube video of a funny cover of a popular song (the US Olympic Swim Team doing “Call Me Maybe”) or a silly pet video or even a date invitation (Tim Tebow or Justin […]

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Career Advice from U2

By Christina Schlachter, PhD | CEO She Leads, Author of Leading Business Change for Dummies, and CWCC Member I am a big U2 fan. This past year my husband and I saw U2 on their 360 tour at Mile High in Denver. I first saw U2 in 1987 when they played to a crowd of […]

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