Women’s Leadership Foundation

Women/s Leadership Foundation

The Women’s Leadership Foundation (WLF) provides programs and related services that seek to expand leadership opportunities for women in business, communities and ultimately the board room.

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Board Bound

Board Bound is the flagship program of WLF with the goal to improve the performance of corporate and non-profit organizations by facilitating awareness and education in pursuit of placing more women on community and corporate boards.

The overarching goal of the Board Bound program is to continue the momentum of increasing the number of women serving on corporate boards while having every member replace herself with another woman when board terms expire.

Research has shown that when there are women in the boardroom, there are more women in higher ranks in their organizations creating meaningful role models for other women to succeed. Women on boards equates to increased performance for organizations. Colorado companies have taken positive steps over the last year, but there is still more work to be done.

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