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Your Brand VS Brand X – How to Differentiate

By Emilie Downs, Owner, Imago Visual and CWCC Member If you are competing on price, it means your customers can’t tell the difference between you and Brand X. If clients are asking you to discount, it means they are making their purchasing decision based solely on price. You don’t want that. Why? Because it means […]

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Interviews at the Annual Awards VIP Reception

Announcing the 2012 Annual Awards Recipients

On October 3, 2012, as the CWCC community, including Denver’s business elite, entered the Marriot City Center downtown, the air dripped with anticipation.  Excitement over who would win the coveted Lifetime Achievement, Young Professional and Company of the Year awards buzzed through the crowd. Everyone who attended the Annual Awards Luncheon was moved by humble […]

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Cost-Effectiveness of the Cloud

By Bryant Hill, President Harper Communication As stated before in our previous blog on the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce website, “the cloud” is simply a metaphor for the internet. Therefore, all services that a company receives from the cloud originate from a site not at the customer’s location, but are received at the customer’s […]

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