What’s the difference between CWCC and other chambers?

We like to say we are “transformational, versus transactional.” We focus on supporting this for women and those that identify as women in three ways:

  • Relationships: While we are a business organization and encourage our members to do business with one another, the way a lot of women do business is different. A lot of women are relationship focused and want to do business with someone they trust and know first. They also like to have options.
  • Our culture: CWCC is comprised primarily of professional women from different backgrounds who focus on how they can support and partner with one another.
  • Development Opportunities:  In order to change the statistics around women in business, we work to provide programs, education, advocacy, resources, and tools that will support the growth and advancement of women business owners and women advancing in careers. We also build networking opportunities into our programs and events for more intimate interactions.