The Loneliest Part of Your Brand

By Lori Dubois, Marketing and Branding Expert and CWCC Member You’ve done your homework and carefully built your brand. You agonized over the right name and tagline for your business, invested the effort and money to develop a unique logo that represents you well, and clearly and narrowly defined your purpose and how you differ […]

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Build Your Brand with LinkedIn Company Pages

By Debra Zimmer, The Expert Marketing Coach and CWCC Member Build Your Business Brand on LinkedIn with Company Pages. LinkedIn has quietly been adding features to Company Pages. At first you could just get your company listed, as if in a big directory. Then they added the ability to create a company profile and add […]

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Three Things Smart Brands Know

By Emilie Downs, Owner, Imago Visual & CWCC Member I’ll get right to the point. Branding is a powerful way to showcase your business offerings. If you’re not employing branding techniques yet, here are three tips to get you started. 1. Know where you stand. I sat next to a woman at a luncheon this […]

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Just Who Do You Think You Are?

By Lisa Berquist, Founder and President, Embrace the Leader Within and CWCC Member Have you ever had an idea, a dream, or a sudden burst of confidence to try something new, only to be reeled in by your internal voice that says, “Who do you think you are”?  All of a sudden we find ourselves […]

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Success Journeys

By Katie B. Smith, Executive & Career Coach, Katie B. Smith & Associates, LLC “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Ben Sweetland To journey is to travel from one place to another—in our lives and our work. It can be challenging to stay present, and mindful while growing our businesses, our teams, our relationships […]

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