Do men need to play a role in women getting to the top?

Dear Members, According to Forbes, in 2017 men still account for 75% of all S&P 500 executive and senior-level officials. Men hold 80% of S&P 500 board seats, constitute 94% of CEOs, and hold just about 80% of the seats in Congress. The 2015 McKinsey and Company Women in the Workplace study stated that it’s […]

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Build Business, Build your Tribe and Have Fun!

Dear Members, What benefit is there in “building a tribe?” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and was recently discussing it with one of our members. She was telling me a story of a group of women early on in her career that she met with on a regular basis. Looking back, she […]

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MEMBER PROFILE: Fireside Production

As a female business owner and the mother of two young girls, Naomi Binkley, Founder and Managing Partner of Fireside Production, is committed to lifting up women and girls. That’s what inspired her connection to the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. “There were times in my previous career where I felt limited in my own […]

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How to Network This Summer and Still Have Fun

How to Network This Summer and Still Have Fun (adapted from Set Goals Set realistic expectations; they don’t have to be life-changing, but the results could be. Utilize Your Resources Find like-minded people who can help you – and who you can help. Check Out Charity Events Summer is a prime time for outdoor […]

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How Competition Can Foster Change

Dear Members, I visited recently with a new women’s organization looking to move to Denver.  They told me they were greeted with mixed reviews being told there were already so many women’s organizations in town.  And if I’m being honest, there was a small part of me that thought the same.  The corporate environment can bring forward a […]

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