How to Network This Summer and Still Have Fun

How to Network This Summer and Still Have Fun (adapted from Set Goals Set realistic expectations; they don’t have to be life-changing, but the results could be. Utilize Your Resources Find like-minded people who can help you – and who you can help. Check Out Charity Events Summer is a prime time for outdoor […]

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How Competition Can Foster Change

Dear Members, I visited recently with a new women’s organization looking to move to Denver.  They told me they were greeted with mixed reviews being told there were already so many women’s organizations in town.  And if I’m being honest, there was a small part of me that thought the same.  The corporate environment can bring forward a […]

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MEMBER PROFILE: Dr. Janine Davidson, President of MSU Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) believes that every student should have an opportunity to better their life through economic and social mobility. That’s why they offer the highest-quality education at the lowest tuition rate in Colorado. MSU Denver students come from every background and experience: veterans looking to re-establish themselves in the workforce, […]

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May’s Monthly List

Lessons on Diversity and Leadership by Dr. Janine Davidson, President of MSU Denver  Top 6 Lessons for Coping Be Awesome; ignore the music Say yes Push back; don’t wait to be invited Value diverse mentors, colleagues, and friends Find the edge between “chip” and “chump” Maintain your sense of humor Top 6 Lessons for Leadership […]

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April’s Monthly List

Five ways to encourage women to explore careers in male-dominated industries. Mentor If you’re a woman who works in an industry where females are underrepresented, seek out opportunities to serve as a role model for young women. Men Empower Women If you’re a man in a traditionally male-dominated industry, take the time to mentor and […]

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