Becoming the HBIC

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Date: Date(s) - 11/10/2017      Time: 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Aloft Hotel      City: Broomfield      State: CO      Zip: 7493


Event Contact:
Name: Stephanie Judd
Phone number: 6073513340

Becoming the HBIC

The workshop is for you if you are …

  • A busy bee who wants to dive in, learn new stuff, and immediately put it into action in your life.
  • Ready to #LevelUp in your business or career.
  • Looking for ways to take more control of your life.
  • Interested in building strong and lasting relationships with other women in your area.
  • A lover of female-focused gatherings that activate your inner feminist and make you proud to be a lady.

The Experience

This is NOT a talking head presentation or panel. This is an immersive experience designed for you to hang with some strong women, talk about the impact you want to have on the world, and step into a more powerful version of yourself, fueled by purpose and bolstered by community.

At this workshop, we gather women on the cusp of awesomeness, who bring diverse ideas, perspectives and passions.

At the event you will #LevelUp your confidence and leadership through five deep-dive modules:

  • You’re the Boss: Get clear on what’s important and what isn’t.
  • Own Your Future: Give yourself direction.
  • Find Your Why: Articulate why what you’re doing even matters.
  • Show Up as YOU: Refine your brand and show up as the true #HBIC #LadyBoss you are.
  • The HBIC Rises: Make a plan to put it into action.

In addition to exploring the content, you will:

  • Work through a 20-page Becoming the HBIC guide and take-home action plan
  • Meet and develop high quality connections with other like-minded women
  • Enjoy yummy vittles and refreshments
  • Receive raffle tickets and be eligible for HBIC-level giveaways
  • Have the opportunity to continue the work with a few of the women you meet and support each other as you integrate what you’ve learned into your life.

Pics, more info, and ticket registration here.