Setting Boundaries Love Your Financial Self

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Date: Date(s) - 07/25/2017      Time: 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Location: Capital One Cafe      City: Denver      State: CO      Zip: 7225


Event Contact:
Name: Nancy Lambert
Phone number: 7206567603


Healthy boundaries between your personal and financial life can be difficult to maintain—whether it’s trying to figure out how much time and money to give to others, struggling to say no, or holding yourself accountable to unreasonable expectations. 

In this course, we’ll examine the dynamics of friends, family and finances—and talk frankly about giving to ourselves before determining what we can give to others. Maximum 10 participants.

At the heart of what we’re doing, it’s really about empowering people to feel confident about their relationship with their money.

To do that, we’re redesigning the banking experience – making things simple, straightforward and an experience that fits more naturally into people’s lives.

This comes to life in two ways:

  • Innovative Products and Digital Tools
  • Human Connection. 

And at the intersection of both the digital and physical worlds are our Capital One Cafés, a space that’s intentionally designed for how people live and bank today.
The Cafes are about solving our visitor’s financial problems and helping them reach their money goals. They are a place where people can recharge their bank accounts, devices and lives while learning new ways to manage their finances, try out new digital and financial tools, or simply grab a great cup of coffee or local pastry.

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