Take A Breath Luncheon

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Date: Date(s) - 05/09/2019      Time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm


Event Contact:
Name: AJ Weigand
Phone number: 3034587220
Email: aweigand@msvhome.org


Take a Breath: Creative Solutions for Complex Lives

Thursday, May 9, 2019
12:00 to 1:30 pm
Check-in opens at 11:30 am
PPA Event Center  |  2105 Decatur Street  |  Denver, CO 80211

The amount and pace of change we experience these days can be somewhat overwhelming. Personal, work, emotional, and change stressors all contribute along with competing priorities. Just as soon as you get dialed into one area, another one is clamoring for your attention. We are bombarded all day with communication, technology demands, emotions, and opinions—it can seem like there is little time to form your own thoughts. Feeling your blood pressure rising yet? All the more reason to step away and Take a Breath.

Join national speaker and consultant Sue Kenfield, M.A. for her humorous and empowering presentation:
How to Conquer Chaos and Foster Peace of Mind  

You will learn:

  • What is chaos and how do you recognize it?
  • How does it impacts us?

Plus, you’re guaranteed to walk away with easy-to-implement tips and strategies to:

  • Adapt and prevail
  • Improve your overall mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Reclaim your power

John Wooden notably said, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”  Learn how you can conquer the chaotic world we live in and foster greater peace of mind.


In the second half of the program, Sue will be joined by Ember Beamon-Guerra, a child trauma survivor and former Mount Saint Vincent resident. Through a relaxed, conversational format, the speakers will discuss ways for people to manage stress, create meaningful experiences, and use social connections to bring richness to their lives. An interactive question-and-answer session with the audience will follow.

About the Speakers:

Sue Kenfield, M.A., CEO of See It Thrive™, is a deep believer in human ability. She is dedicated to embolden people to reclaim their power to influence the trajectory of their lives. Sue is an expert in emotional and behavioral intelligence. She works with organizations and individuals to demystify the complex human dynamic creating greater success organizationally and individually with less drama and dysfunction.

Sue holds a master’s degree in counseling, is a certified administrator of multiple performance improvement assessments, and has been professionally involved in the area of human behavior for over 25 years. Her audiences benefit from her real-world knowledge, experience, wisdom, and unique insight. She is a highly regarded speaker, trainer, facilitator, and executive coach. Sue speaks on the topics of emotional, social and behavioral intelligence; communication; conflict management; and women in leadership.


Ember Beamon-Guerra

A former resident of Mount Saint Vincent, Ember suffered through years of horrific emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Through clinical treatment and nurturing care, the staff at Mount Saint Vincent helped Ember realize that her dreams were within her grasp, and she ultimately obtained a B.S. in criminology and criminal justice from Metropolitan State University.

Since graduating, Ember has sat on the board of Colorado’s State Office of the Child’s Representative; served as co-chair for the Celebration of Excellence, which honors students in foster care who graduate from high school; and recently served on Colorado’s Foster Care Permanency and Reform Task Force. Now a wife and mother of two children, Ember overcame adversity to ultimately find peace and happiness in her life.

Take a Breath

Creative Solutions for Complex Lives
Thursday, May 9, 2019
12:00 to 1:30 pm
Check-in opens at 11:30 am
PPA Event Center  |  2105 Decatur Street  |  Denver, CO 80211

Proceeds from this event will benefit children receiving treatment at Mount Saint Vincent who suffer from severe emotional challenges due to trauma, mental illness, abuse or neglect. Sponsorships to support this event are available.

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