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A membership with CWCC provides access to a community of supportive and growth minded organizations and individuals that support the advancement of women in business and women owned businesses. The CWCC has developed programs, events, education, and other unique ways to bring our members together to connect, develop, and cultivate relationships to expand professionally and personally while impacting the landscape of business in Colorado. With the lens of advancing women in business and growing women owned businesses in all that we do, members of the CWCC are surrounded with other business professionals striving towards equity in the workplace for women.

Whether you are a part of a Fortune 500 company, or run your business (and everything in between), the CWCC is here to empower you every step of the way.

Email Morgan Montgomery, Business Development Manager, to learn more.

Your membership and participation will deliver these important benefits:

  • Community-wide change: CWCC’s high-level programs and events focus on how to activate and empower organizations, companies, and women in business.
  • Monthly Programming: Expand your tribe and grow through our monthly peer forums (CEO, Solopreneurs, and Corporate Women), curated groups, and power partners. These are all included in membership.
  • Committee/Group Involvement: Get involved with one of our committees (Public Affairs, CWCC Community Advocates, Young Professional’s Advisory Board) to meet other like-minded professionals and to support our mission.
  • Business Development and Access: Access and network with more than 430 member organizations and their 5,000 employees. Increase your visibility by attending and/or sponsoring our programs and events.
  • Development Programs: Support up and coming female leaders within your organization with our CWCC Women of Influence and Impact Leadership Program or through our Executive Mentorship Program.  *additional fees apply
  • Website Listing: As a member, you can list your business on our website, which will help increase your visibility and reach.

Interested in checking out an event? Have questions about membership or ready to join? Email Morgan Montgomery, Business Development Manager,