Membership Benefits



  • For large established companies and corporations (with more than 50 employees) that are strong advocates of advancing women in business within a powerful community of female leaders to increase their reach and influence.


  • For large companies looking to expand their footprint in the community and beyond while being a driving force for advancing women in business, creating more female leaders in executive roles and greater company exposure.


  • For mid-size companies seeking to gain exposure in the community and foster the advancement of female leaders through innovative initiatives.



  • For companies with more than 2 employees looking to grow their network, impact the community, and create a future of trailblazing female leaders.


  • For individuals, entrepreneurs, independent contractors and business professionals looking for a supportive network to help navigate the strategies and complexities of small business and develop authentic business relationships, partnerships and alliances to help grow your business.


  • Our digital membership is designed for business owners, employees/individuals, and small organizations throughout Colorado to provide access and opportunities for professional development, networking, and community building with professionals across the state. Required to be 30 or more miles away from the CWCC offices.