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Guest Article: Don’t Let Your Business Become a Smorgasbord

The Bottom Line- Monthly Accounting Advice for Better Business-October 2009 Brought to you by Capital Bookkeeping Don’t Let Your Business Become a Smorgasbord When times are tough and sales slump you may be tempted to offer all kinds of new services hoping to make a sale from anyone who walks in the door. But don’t […]

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Guest Column: Trusting Yourself and Your Own True North During Uncertain Times

When things slow down or we feel uncertain, as is typical with uncertain times like those we are currently experiencing, the first thing people often do is start to question themselves or what they are doing. "I'm doing all the right things, why isn't my business growing? Maybe I just better go get a job," I hear small business owners lament. "Perhaps this isn't the direction I am supposed to go in," is another common comment that often finds its way into coaching sessions.

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